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Change logs version 6.9 19/03/2017
- Two slot cards management improvement
- Improvement of the Ordnance Tubes management for multi section ships
- Management of the "Unguided Rockets" card for multi section ships
- Bug fixing

Change logs version 6.8 12/03/2017
- Take into account cards specific to two factions
- Take into account cards with shield restrictions

Change logs version 6.7 02/03/2017
- Implementation of xws 1.0.0 format
- Highkight of the selected expansions
- Improvement of the Black one title regarding the Veteran Instincts card
- Bug fixing

Change logs version 6.6 16/08/2016
- The expansion is now displayed near the card name for the cards having the same name (Poe Dameron, Millenium Falcon) - It is no longer possible to add the cards "TIE Shuttle" and "Long-range scanners" on the same TIE Bomber - Bug fixing

Change logs version 6.5 10/07/2016
- The "Sabine Wren" crew card add a slot bomb to the ship already having bomb slots
- Bug fixing

Change logs version 6.4 06/05/2016
- It is now possible to get the build as an image
- Permalink can display directly the print page or the image
- Improvement of the random generation to avoid incoherent squadron generation
- Code improvement to ease new expansion integration
- Bug fixing

Change logs version 6.3 04/03/2016
- For Standard and Epic generation mode better management of the large and small ship limit
- New layout for the printable squadron page
- Code improvements
- Bug fixing
- PHP 7

Change logs version 6.2 30/01/2016
- My Squadron page load time optimisation
- Squad building : obstacles are now "Exras"
- Squad building : damage decks join the "Exras" category
- Add obstacles from The Force awakens core set to the pdf squadron sheet
- Add damage deck to the pdf squadron sheet
- New layout for the printable squadron page plus addition of the maneuver templates
- New layout for the permalink page
- Permalink page : add an icon to access the "MATH" feature to know the needed expansions to build the squadron
- Add an overlay during the remove pilot process to avoir some bugs
- Code improvements
- Bug fixing

Change logs version 6.1 01/12/2015
- Imperial Assault Carrier expansion new cards
- Update of xws import/export version 0.3.0
- Bug fixing

Change logs version 6.0 01/11/2015
- Addition of the "My squadrons" feature
- Authentification via Google, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook

Change logs version 5.9 04/09/2015
- Addition of the subfactions
- Addition of the Episode 7 core-set

Change logs version 5.8 14/08/2015
- Addition of the Imperial Assault Carrier expansion
- Addition of the wave 8
- Improvement of the random generator
- Bug fixing

Change logs version 5.75 21/06/2015
- Nashtah Pup taken into accoount

Change logs version 5.7 14/06/2015
- Icone to get a link to share the collection
- Obstacles management for squadron build
- Update of xws import/export for obstacles
- Update of the pdf generation for obstacles to be inline with the last pdf squadron sheet from FFG
- Full implementation of huge ships for xws import/export
- Add a link to tranfert the squadrons to Voidstate's builder
- Add a link to tranfert the squadrons to Geordan's builder
- Bug fixing

- Gestion des obstacles pour la construction des escadrons
- Mise à jour de l'import/export xws pour les obstacles
- Implémentation complète des vaisseaux immenses pour l'import/export xws
- Ajout d'un lien de transfert des escadrons vers le Squad Builder de Voidstate
- Ajout d'un lien de transfert des escadrons vers le Yet another Squad Builder de Geordan
- Corrections de bugs

Change logs version 5.6 14/04/2015:
- Conversion concept abandonned
- Move to a new server

Change logs version 5.5 17/03/2015:
- Add sharing links in the main navifatio bar
- Add sharing links in the Share page
- Add QR code in the Share page

Change logs version 5.41 14/03/2015:
- Conversion feature modification for Most Wanted expandion to handle properly the ship base available
Change logs version 5.4 11/03/2015:
- Wave 6 Scum and Villainy is no longer in BETA mode
- Modification of the main menu implementation
- Creation of a sub-menu under "EXPANSIONS" to access the easily the following items:
    • Pilot list
    • Maneuver list
    • Card list
- Modification of the convert feature for the "Most Wanted" expansion pack to take into account the ship base availables
- Improvement of the "MATH feature" with the possibility to select a currency to evaluate the cost of the builds

Change logs version 5.3 13/01/2015:
- Changes done through the "Refine" feature are now saved like the collections
- Optimisations

Change logs version 5.2 11/01/2015:
- Add the Imperial Raider expansion
- Modification of the upgrade cards value management when they are assigned to a pilot
- Modification of the management of the huge ships having several sections
- Add a pilot list page
- Add a maneuver list page
- Bugs fixing
- New language : Ukrainian

Change logs version 5.0 09/12/2014:
- Squad lists generation in PDF format

Change logs version 4.9 06/11/2014:
- XWS format support to allow sharing between builders
- Bugs fixing

Change logs version 4.8 08/10/2014:
- Permalink validation improved
- Add a print faction feature on the permalink import page
- A QR code is displayed on the print faction page
- Other improvements

Change logs version 4.7 27/09/2014:
- Switch feature in order to replace a pilot
- Modification of the presentation of the card list

Change logs version 4.6 07/09/2014:
- Duplicate feature for non unique pilots

Change logs version 4.5 28/08/2014:
- Addition of the 3rd faction Scum and Villainy
- Display of upgrade card type in front of the card names
- Print faction feature with special layout
- The list of upgrade cards during the manual build are now displayed by order of value

Change logs version 4.31 27/05/2014:
- Maneuvers display issues when using manual features fixed

Change logs version 4.3 13/05/2014:
- Removal of the RANDOM GENERATOR
- Removal of the MANUAL GENERATOR
- Display of ship maneuvers
- Add a new drop down menu to select the play mode
- Modification of the languages support
- Modification of the title cards titles

Change logs version 4.2 17/04/2014:
- GOLDEN GENERATOR & RANDOM GENERATOR : Optimize mode generation added

Change logs version 4.1 05/04/2014:
- GOLDEN GENERATOR : Ships added in free mode are now taken into account when the free mode is turn off
- Optimization of the add pilots/cards and remoce pilots/cards actions
- MATH feature now always available

Change logs version 4.0 22/03/2014:
- Load feature is now linked with the GOLDEN GENERATOR
- Update Rebel Transport
- Add Tantive IV expansion in BETA mode
- Add Rebel Aces expansion in BETA mode

Change logs version 3.9 15/02/2014:
- RANDOM GENERATOR : add a lock feature at the ship level
- MANUAL GENERATOR : modification of the display of the ship list when building squadrons
- New change language menu
- Add wave 4 ships in BETA mode

Change logs version 3.81 02/02/2014:
- Add Rebel Transport expansion in BETA phase
NB: When you create squadrons using the Rebel Transport expansion, MATH, SHARE ans SAVE features are not availables.
- Improvement of the MATH feature, you can now display the card repartition and force a Core-set
- Add spanish language as the majority of the cards are translated in spanish

Change logs version 3.8 04/01/2014:
- Random and Manual Generator : option to save squadron file (.fsg)
- The "LOAD" feature gains a file input field to load (.fsg) files
- Random and Manual Generator : improvement of the loading page of the expansion selection screen
- Add the last cards of the Imperial Aces expansion
- The Imperial Aces expansions is no longer in BETA mode, the share feature is fully operationnal with squadrons using this expansion
- New method to manage the translation of the interface

Change logs version 3.71 22/12/2013:
- The share () display now a small text block that can be copied easily in forum posts or emails. In addition it can be also copied in the "LOAD" features

Change logs version 3.7 18/12/2013:
- Full display of the permalink
- Display of the permalink for each faction with link to create a short url
- Display of the upgrade cards by type in the "EXPANSIONS" section
- New feature to load squadrons using the squadrons codes
- Display of the card codes
- New feature to evaluate the necessary expansions to build the squadrons

Change logs version 3.6 15/10/2013:
- Add the share option in order to generate a permalink through the Google Shortener api
- Improvement of the load time of pages

Change logs version 3.5 25/09/2013:
- New design
- Random and Manual Generator : in the extension refine windows, it is possible to refine the number of ships to use in order to use only upgrade cards from an expansion for example
- Manual Generator : Add the "free mode" for the squadrons creation
- Random Generator : it is possible to "TRANFER" to the "free mode"
- Manual Generator : the "add pilot" list is now sorted by ship type and value of the pilots
- Add the Imperial Aces expansion

Change logs version 3.2 07/08/2013:
- Add bridge feature allowing to switch from RANDOM GENERATOR to MANUAL GENERATOR and vice versa. Under the generated squadron area you will find the TRANSFER link
- Add a feature to generate squadron for only one faction
- Add card descriptions

Change logs version 3.0 22/06/2013:
- Add the Manual Squadrons Generator
- Preparation of the display of extra information on each cards at the selection level
- Wave 3 ships

Change logs version 2.3 22/05/2013:
- Cookie improvements to store the points and the last generation mode used
- Optimization of the suqadron generation using the "Maximized cards" mode
- Presentation modifications

Change logs version 2.0 01/05/2013:
- Bug fixing
- By clicking on the images of the extensions, a precise selection of the cards to use is possible

Change logs version 1.4 18/04/2013:
- Add the quick selection field
- Add a cookie to store the hangar

Change logs version 1.31 16/04/2013:
- A-wing and TIE Interceptor could get Engine Upgrade, it is no longer the case

Change logs version 1.3 30/03/2013:
- Improve the loading of the result page
- All french card translations are available
- Print feature

Change logs version 1.2 13/02/2013:
- Add four generations modes (Normal, Ship,Cards, Maximize cards)
- Improve the Swarm Tactics and Squad Leader assigment in order to not have these cards assigned to the lowest skilled pilot.

Change logs version 1.1 10/02/2013:
- Fix : Deadeye card is now assigned to ship with Target Lock Action
- New feature : Possibility to lock a generated squadron in order to regenerate only the other team. (Take care modifying the selection will hide and uncheck the boxes to keep consistency)
- Add french card images for Core-set, X-wing and TIE Fighter.

Version 1.0 06/02/2013:
- random squadrons generator online

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