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REBEL SQUADRON (99) - - - - -

Biggs Darklighter - X-wing (25) r2 R2-D2 (4) a1 (29)
Rookie Pilot - X-wing (21) r4 (21)
Blue Squadron Pilot - B-wing (22) r26 (22)
Knave Squadron Pilot - E-wing (27) r40 (27)

 Biggs Darklighter (25) 5  3  2  3  2 
Other friendly ships at Range 1 cannot be targeted by attacks if the attacker could target you instead.

 R2-D2 (4)Unique
After executing a green maneuver, you may recover 1 shield (up to your shield value).

 Rookie Pilot (21) 2  3  2  3  2 
Designed by Incom Corporation, the T-65 X-wing quickly proved to be one of the most effective military vehicules in the galaxy and a boon to the Rebellion.

 Blue Squadron Pilot (22) 2  3  1  3  5 
Because of its heavy weapons array and resilient shielding, the B-wing solidified itself as the Alliance's most formidable assault fighter.

 Knave Squadron Pilot (27) 1  3  3  2  3 
Specifically design to combine the best feature of the X-wing series with the A-wing series, the E-wing boasted superior firepower, speed and maneuvrability.

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