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Welcome to the Fab's squadrons generator. This site propose a set of tools in order to create squadrons for STAR WARS X-Wing - Miniatures Games.

The "squadrons generator" allow you to create either randomly or manually your squadrons. You can also start your build manually then complete it randomly. A free mode is also available by checking the "FREE" checkbox allowing to not restrict the creations. The "Play mode" choice apply the specific rules for the squadrons building for tournaments either Standard or Epic.

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Translation campaign: the purpose of the campaign is to find contributors ready to translate the Fab's squadrons generator in several languages.

Many thanx to the contributors : Furio Caimano (IT), Heinz & wolftech (DE), Toudi (PL), Jorge (ES), João H. (pt-BR), Erny (UA), RudeGnappo (IT)

Game strategies, tactical analysis, list critiques, painting and modification articles, and much more for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures from Fantasy Flight Games straight to you from the hippest pilot bar in the galaxy.

The Fab's fleet generator !

news (+)
21/06/2015 | Version 5.75 on line
- Nashtah Pup taken into accoount

14/06/2015 | Version 5.7 on line
- Icone to get a link to share the collection
- Obstacles management for squadron build
- Update of xws import/export for obstacles
- Update of the pdf generation for obstacles to be inline with the last pdf squadron sheet from FFG
- Full implementation of huge ships for xws import/export
- Add a link to tranfert the squadrons to Voidstate's builder
- Add a link to tranfert the squadrons to Geordan's builder

14/04/2015 | Version 5.6 on line
- Conversion concept abandonned
- Move to a new server

17/03/2015 | Version 5.5 on line
- Add sharing links in the main navifatio bar
- Add sharing links in the Share page
- Add QR code in the Share page

11/03/2015 | Version 5.4 on line
- Wave 6 Scum and Villainy is no longer in BETA mode
- Creation of a sub-menu under "EXPANSIONS" to access the easily the following items:
    • Pilot list
    • Maneuver list
    • Card list
- Modification of the convert feature for the "Most Wanted" expansion pack to take into account the ship base availables
- Improvement of the "MATH feature" with the possibility to select a currency to evaluate the cost of the builds

13/02/2015 | Version 5.3 on line
- Changes done through the "Refine" feature are now saved like the collections
- Optimisations

11/01/2015 | Version 5.2 on line
- Addition of the Imprial Raider expansion pack
- Each section of huge ships is now displayed in order to build more precisely the squadrons
- Pilots list page
- Maneuvers list page
- New language : Ukrainian

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